Generic Cyclosporine Drops for Chronic Dry Eye Disease Approved

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May 2018, Teva Canada Limited, a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., announced the launch of Teva-Cyclosporine® ophthalmic emulsion, 0.05% w/v, a Health Canada approved twice-daily eye drop solution and the first generic version of Restasis® (cyclosporine) in Canada. 

Cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion is indicated for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe aqueous deficient dry eye disease, characterized by moderate to moderately severe: ocular staining, reduction in tear production and fluctuating visual symptoms, such as blurred vision. 

symptoms, such as blurred vision. 



November 2010Health Canada has approved cyclosporine (Restasis) ophthalmic emulsion, 0.05% w/v for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe Dry Eye disease (dry eye). 


  • Generic name 


  • Brand reference 


  • Strength 

          0.05% w/v 

  • DIN 


  • Therapeutic class 


  • Therapeutic area 


  • Package size 

         Ampoule, 0.4 mL 

  • Product code 


  • UPC 


Teva-Cyclosporine is available to pharmacies across Canada. 

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