Jan 22th 2020

A local congressman is fighting to lower prescription drugs for American families.

“My fear is that I won’t be able to afford it,” said Chris Burrows, diabetes patient.


For diabetics, like Burrows, a vial of insulin could mean life or death. But skyrocketing prices could impact who gets it and who doesn’t.

Burrows attended a roundtable discussion hosted by Congressman Dan Kildee on Tuesday to voice his concerns.

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Jan 12th 2020

The prices of more than 500 prescription drugs has risen since Jan. 1. The average price hike is about 5 percent. Among the drug prices that have increased are Cotempla XR, Eliquis, Truvada, and Humira. Read on to learn more about these and what you should know as an educated consumer in today’s world.

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The administration is issuing a proposed rule, along with a proposed guidance for the drug industry, that will allow states, pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers to import prescription drugs if they meet conditions designed to ensure that the importation poses no additional risk to safety and will save consumers money.


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The proposal is still a long way from being finalized, and many expensive drugs, like insulin, would be excluded from state plans.The decision is an unusual one for a Republican administration. Progressives have long supported such a policy, but the pharmaceutical industry vehemently opposed drug imports by claiming they were unsafe. Food and Drug Administration commissioners had also opposed importing drugs intended for overseas use, citing safety issues.


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The Trump administration is paving the way for Americans to buy lower-cost prescription medication imported from Canada, in another push to reduce drug prices.


The administration on Wednesday offered two proposals to loosen longstanding federal restrictions on importing foreign drugs. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar described the effort as “one of the highest priorities we have in the administration.”

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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration, eager to show progress on prescription drug costs, on Wednesday moved forward on its plan to allow Americans to safely and legally get access to lower-priced medicines from abroad.

Health officials unveiled a proposed regulation that would allow states to import many brand name drugs from Canada, with federal oversight. A second draft plan would let pharmaceutical companies seek approval to import their own drugs, from any country.

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Building on an effort first announced in July, officials unveiled a two-part proposal that would let prescription medications from other countries make their way to the US for the first time.
The idea runs counter to long-held Republican beliefs, but has been championed by President Donald Trump as a way to fulfill his pledge to lower drug prices.

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