Healthy Living Links is a new website dedicated to guiding you into a healthy and vibrant lifestyle with information and tips you can use each and every day on your journey to wellness and wellbeing.


We understand that wellness is more than a goal; it is a process of making informed choices each and every day.  With so much information out on the Internet who do you trust? It is with that question in mind that we created Healthy Living Links – a source of safe, trusted, and easy to understand information.  We question things just like you do! We consider the sources, the science and the facts, so we can have peace of mind knowing that we are presenting our community (that’s YOU!) with trustworthy information that can make a difference.

We avoid the complicated medical jargon, and we stay away from the fads and conflicting information.

  • No judgement – everyone has a story, and we respect you. You should always feel comfortable with our content, and we welcome your input at any time.
  • No confusion – we strive to share information that everyone can understand. No jargon, or obscure medical terms most people will not understand just simple easy to understand information and facts. If something doesn’t make sense, be sure to ask us!
  • No bias – We are neutral in our reporting and our articles. We will present information based on science and medical facts.  We will share health and wellness information representing all sides of the story.

From our ever growing directory of helpful resources to insightful articles and news from trusted sources, the information you find on Healthy Living Links will help you and inform you.  We’re all about healthy living WITH you.  Thank you for being part of our journey and making Healthy Living Links part of yours.

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